Super GT 2014: Round 7 Countdown at Chang International Circuit

Super GT 2014: Round 7 Countdown at Chang International Circuit

Photo: Aounphoto
Text: Flatmotion/Aounphoto

After years and years of waiting, Super GT is finally taking place in Thailand!

We need no introduction about Super GT, a long endurance championship with all the cars that we always wanted to see. I’ve always had my images of generations of GT-Rs from Motul, Calsonic, or the Raybrig NSX in my head since kid, probably from watching it on TV. I’m sure almost every one of us do too, but this time, Chang International Circuit which just completed months ago in Buriram will be hosting Super GT remarkably for the first time with it’s FIA approved tracks. This will be remembered as history.

Round 6 was completed at Suzuka, it’s time for overseas race. Since 2002, Super GT events were hosted at Sepang International Circuit. It has always been Malaysia for the overseas race almost every time which wasn’t so far from Bangkok, yet not many of us have had much chance to visit any of those races. And for a new pro-photog on the block like Aounphoto, getting to be one of the three Thai photographers to officially shoot photos in cockpits filled with GT machines is honestly an unimaginable surprise. I will not waste any more time, let’s check out what Buriram had prepared for us.

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As we speak, all teams have moved into their pits weeks ago after a 1000km Suzuka race.

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We arrived yesterday, and will be here for the whole 4-days event from 2-5 October.

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The track is 4.5km with a full 1km straight and was designed by Hermann Tilke. Quite a huge long track with many technical corners, similar to Twin Ring Motegi. I was told that from the grand stand, you will be able to see everything in the race.

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Press room was filled with international media, it was no surprise that Aoun seemed to be the only Thai photographer in there.

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Down at the pits, many of them have been closed due to the usual discretion. The atmosphere had made me thrilled to see and hear everything that will happen from now on.

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Although several were still open, like this JLOC Lamborghinis driven by the notorious Manabu Orido and Takayuki Aoki.


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GT300 participant, Audi Team Hitotsuyama.

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S-Road MOLA GT-R competing for GT500.

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R&D SPORT going for GT300 with Subaru BRZ.

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The SLS AMG GT3 owns a very unique sound, we’ll be waiting to see how it goes.

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PUMA KRH Porsche.

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The legendary Calsonic Impul GT-R, back in the days I’ve always selected this car in every game if it’s available; both R34 and R35.

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Race monitoring is new in Thailand, other circuits never had one before.

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Autobacs Racing Team looked ready.

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Looking tidy.

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As I said that Chang Circuit was newly completed, some pits were still preparing.

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The NSX Concept GT turned out to be an interesting car with good balance. This Weider Modulo finished on podium last round at 1000km Suzuka.

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Keihin NSX also came alive at Suzuka as well, with good track and position records. We shall keep our eyes on both NSX at Buriram.

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By late noon, almost every pit started to close down.

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The track is getting more and more ready for the real race. This monitoring spot will be filled with team staffs, a new atmosphere we’ve never experienced before in Thailand.

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All the teams looked ready by the evening, time for us to get back up and update the article.

Super GT (10 of 99)Thinking about Chang International Circuit, you could see how “new” it is. This race will be aggressive, not only the 34-degrees heat that the drivers will have to endure; but since none of the drivers have any experience on this track, including the ones from Thailand like Vutthikorn Inthraphuvasak from I-Mobile who will be driving a Porsche GT3 Cup in the GT300 race. All they could do is play Grand Turismo and read the track details.

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We really have no idea how this race will turn out. All we could do is just to get ready.

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It’s going to be a crowded event, news reported that hotels in Buriram are being fully booked. The tickets on the grand stand is almost sold out.

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View from the VIP room above the cockpits.

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Get ready for the first ever Super GT in Thailand. Walking around on the first FIA-approved international circuit in Thailand, we are as delighted as others; and we will keep you updated again in the next day.